Leicestershire Antills and Connected Families

Roots mainly in the Mountsorrel and Rothley area, but have spread to Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand

Lamsdorf Death March Route

My father was part of 51st Highland Division and was captured in Jun 1940 at St Valery on the retreat to Dunkirk and was a guest of the Nazis until Jan 1945 nominally in Stalag VIIIB in Lamsdorf (now Lambinowice), Poland. Much of the time he was in Working party E201 and based at Dirschel (now Dzierzyslaw), Poland working in a sugar beet farm and gypsum mine. With the Russian army closing in he was force-marched from the Oberglogau (now Glogowek, Poland) Sugar Factory 375 miles into Germany over the Czech mountains arriving in the spring before VE day. We thought that this map marks the route which was recorded by one of my father's fellow POWs, but recent research suggests a more westerly way.

Clicking on the map will open up the Lamsdorf POW web site where there is a gallery of photos from his POW days found in my late father's effects and some notes made of places encountered on his Long March to Freedom.

My father never knew his father in law (search for Thomas William Bamford on this site), who rests in peace having been killed in action on 16 August 1917 during the 3rd Battle of Ypres (Ieper) known also as Passchendaele. With my brothers we attended on 31 Jul 2017 the UK Government's official commemoration event for this Battle which was held in the presence of Belgian and British Royalty at Tyne Cot Cemetery, where my grandfather's grave can be viewed.

Welcome - by John Antill

Welcome to my web site! Although this site started with my antecedents, spreading out there are now a number of well-known names on it that are connected (through many marriages) to me, my wife and sisters in law.

All UK Monarchs back at least to William the Conqueror with Oliver Cromwell, a few French Kings, US President J F Kennedy and both Presidents Bush. Former Prime Ministers Winston Churchill, Robert Walpole, James Waldegrave, the Duke of Wellington, William Gladstone, Robert Jenkinson, William Lamb, Robert Peel, Charles Grey, Herbert Asquith, Arthur Balfour, Neville Chamberlain and Margaret Thatcher.

Politicians: Airey Neave; and party leader Jo Grimond; William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania; Lord Henry Plumb, formerly President of the National Farmers Union; MPs Alfred Arthur Denville the founder of the Denville Home for actors and abolitionist William Smith.

Military: Sir Francis Drake; Admiral Nelson; Admiral Maitland, who accepted Napoleon's surrender at Waterloo; VC holders Bernard Fryburg, Hugh Burgoyne, John Graham, Alfred Jones, Henry Percy, Francis Maude, John Milbanke and William Peel. Polar explorer Robert F Scott and his son - Mr Slimbridge - Peter; the current UK Chief of the Defence Staff Sir Nicholas Carter.

Science/engineering: "Origin of the Species" Charles Darwin; Sir Francis Galton who coined the phrase "Nature versus Nurture"; Professor Sir William Thomson, Lord Kelvin; Sir Bernard Lovell; Logarithm inventor John Napier; Sir (Herbert) Nigel Gresley who designed steam locomotive engines; William Henry Fox Talbot, photography pioneer; Thomas Andrews, the designer of the TITANIC and who perished with the ship; Richard Arkwright, the inventor; radio pioneer Marconi; topically the inventor of the fuel cell without which the Apollo 11 moon landing would not have been possible, Francis Bacon.

Industrialists: the Strutts and Josiah Wedgwood line; the iron founding dynasty headed by Abraham Darby; Jethro Tull (lawyer turned agriculturist); the aircraft designer Sir Geoffrey de Havilland; Elizabeth Fry, the penal and social reformer and her relatives who founded the J S Fry chocolate empire; John Stephenson Rowntree, director of the chocolate etc company; and his competitor John Cadbury, the founder of the Cadbury chocolate brand; the founders of the Clarks shoe company, Bass and Fullers breweries; Ralph Allen, the postal innovator and Bath quarry owner; the founders of the Haig (Scotch Whisky) firm and the Jameson (Irish Whiskey) firm plus Arthur Guinness; Thatchers cider found William; Sir Edwin Lutyens; the Rothschild who built Waddesdon Manor; the shipping magnate Edward Cunard; the cricket bat manufacturer William (Billy) Gunn; the inventor of the mining man engine, Michael Loam; John J Sainsbury, founder of the Sainsbury supermarket chain; Samuel and George Palmer who their surname into Huntley & Palmers; in the Bristol area, the tar manufacturer William Butler and Alfred George the brewer and the Finzel sugar refining dynasty; the Taylor bell founding family from Loughborough. From the oil industry and now the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

Health: Nurse Edith Cavell; Edward Janner (smallpox); W G Grace, more widely known as a cricketer; Florence Nightingale; the Elephant Man Joseph Carey Merrick.

The Arts: Ralph Vaughan Williams, the composer; Cenotaph architect Edwin Lutyens; the diarist Samuel Pepys; playwright Richard Sheridan; W H Auden; Lord Byron and his lover Lady Caroline Lamb; gardener Gertrude Jekyll; Humphrey Lyttleton; authors Gavin Maxwell and Vita Sackville-West; Wind in the Willows author Kenneth Grahame; poets Robert & Elizabeth Browning; illustrator of Narnia books Pauline Bayne; BBC presenters Clare Balding, Kate Silverton, Cherry Healey and Jilly Goolden, and Archers actor Earl of Portland (David Archer); actors Helena Bonham Carter and her second cousin Anna Chancellor, Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland; actor Derek Nimmo; property guru Kirstie Allsopp.

Local Hero: John Chiddy who lost his life successfully preventing an express train from being derailed.

This site contains my ancestors Antills (Leicestershire) and Bamfords (Northamptonshire)), plus lines of Westons, Merrimans, Saundersons, Needhams, Trueloves, Tyackes and Swinnertons all connected at living level. I try to ensure that details of anyone living are not uploaded unless the data has been made publicly available on the internet or in another medium. With over 140,000 names, years of work have been put into the research and documentation of these ancestors.

Searching. Many Swynnertons are referred to in records as De Swynnertons but I have indexed all as surname Swynnerton. Additionally there are various spellings of Swinnerton, Swinerton, Swynnerton etc, so it may pay to search all varieties.I hope you will benefit from the information I present here.

Thanks: Particular thanks for help, research and data go to: Antill data - my Mother and elder brother, Terry, Wayne, my fifth cousin Ann Jones (search for Ann Lawrence on this site), Greg Hunter, Roy, Barbara, Danny, Lindsay, Cassandra, Peggy, Sally, Cheryl, and Bob; Weston data: Geoffrey, Joy, Adele, Beverley and Paul; Stewart: to Ann and clanmacfarlane web site; Hinds: Ken and rootsweb; Truelove and Tyacke: Margaret; Swinnerton: Margaret and Iain; Stock: to Derek Stock and his fellow researchers - see http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~essexstock/index.htm; Britton: to Gladys Britton Spilsbury for her book "The Brittons of Kingswood Chase and some Gloucestershire Connections" as updated by Andrew Plaster's research; Rod for southern hemisphere Brosters; Lyn Paterson for Paterson/Moncrieffe information and George Seton's 1890 book House of Moncrieff; David for Pattison and Graham info; olivercromwell.org for his information; Kay Borsberry and Bert for some Davis information; some Thatcher data from Lynne and theislandwiki.org/index.php/Descendants_of_John_Thetcher. Thanks also to Jen at leicestershire.webs.com for parish records. Some of you live in other continents and so I know that the sun is always shining on at least one one of you somewhere.

Air Commodore E W (Peter) Merriman CBE, DFM

Peter, my wife's uncle, started his RAF career in World War II flying a Spitfire in Douglas Bader's big wing and in 1966 flew Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith to Gibraltar for the independence talks with British Prime Minister on HMS Tiger.