Leicestershire Antills and Connected Families

Roots mainly in the Mountsorrel and Rothley area, but have spread to Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand




Matches 101 to 150 of 429

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 COCKAYNE, Joseph  Abt 1791Derbyshire I112196
102 COCKAYNE, Joseph  Abt 1834Derbyshire I112198
103 COCKING, Emma Jane  Abt 1861Derbyshire I121797
104 COOK, Joseph Spencer  Abt 1892Derbyshire I104676
105 COWLISHAW, William Henry Frost  Abt 1857Derbyshire I109028
106 COXON, Peter  Abt 1772Derbyshire I98604
107 CROSLAND, Ethel Mary  Abt 1884Derbyshire I81618
108 CROSS, Ann  Abt 1828Derbyshire I122959
109 CROSS, Eliza  Abt 1830Derbyshire I122958
110 CROSS, Mary  Abt 1835Derbyshire I122961
111 CUNDLIFFE, Edith S.  Abt 1870Derbyshire I85124
112 DAKIN, Thomas  Abt 1821Derbyshire I85386
113 DAVIS, James  Abt 1847Derbyshire I94409
114 DAVYS, John  Abt 1792Derbyshire I70131
115 DAWSON, John Edward  Abt 1890Derbyshire I105028
116 DAY, Agnes  Abt 1870Derbyshire I34647
117 DAY, Albert  Abt 1863Derbyshire I34649
118 DAY, George H.  Abt 1860Derbyshire I34651
119 DAY, Job  Abt 1836Derbyshire I34654
120 DAY, Lydia E.  Abt 1865Derbyshire I34648
121 DAY, Phyllis  Abt 1861Derbyshire I34650
122 DAY, William A.  Abt 1856Derbyshire I34652
123 DEWES, Arthur Harry  Abt 1858Derbyshire I70474
124 EAMES, Felix H.  Abt 1892Derbyshire I110788
125 EARP, John Oswald  Abt 1865Derbyshire I93194
126 EARP, Margaret B.  Abt 1863Derbyshire I93193
127 ELEY, Francis  Abt 1800Derbyshire I110341
128 ELEY, Francis  Abt 1831Derbyshire I110357
129 ELLIOTT, Mary  Abt 1785Derbyshire I98267
130 ELTON, Joseph  Abt 1833Derbyshire I37176
131 ELVERSON, Selina  Abt 1816Derbyshire I10902
132 EYRE, Arthur T.  Abt 1879Derbyshire I65602
133 EYRE, Mary E.  Abt 1876Derbyshire I65600
134 EYRE, William  Abt 1844Derbyshire I65598
135 FITCHETT, Henry George  Abt 1856Derbyshire I77145
136 FLETCHER, Jane  Abt 1808Derbyshire I65786
137 FLINT, Ellen  Abt 1857Derbyshire I29036
138 FLINT, James  Abt 1852Derbyshire I29035
139 FOSBROOKE, Elizabeth Anne  Abt 1867Derbyshire I111860
140 FOSBROOKE, Frances Sarah  Abt 1807Derbyshire I111838
141 FOSBROOKE, Francis Nathaniel  Abt 1864Derbyshire I111859
142 FOSBROOKE, William Arthur  Abt 1871Derbyshire I111861
143 FOWKES, Arthur  Abt 1855Derbyshire I49203
144 FOWKES, Frances  Abt 1852Derbyshire I49202
145 FOWKES, Henry  2 Aug 1819Derbyshire I49148
146 FOWKES, Patience  Abt 1828Derbyshire I98191
147 FOX, George  Abt 1851Derbyshire I46329
148 FREER, Fanny A.  Abt 1858Derbyshire I50847
149 FROST, Hannah  Abt 1811Derbyshire I28317
150 FULWOOD, Kezia  Abt 1843Derbyshire I112140

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