Leicestershire Antills and Connected Families

Roots mainly in the Mountsorrel and Rothley area, but have spread to Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand




Matches 151 to 200 of 429

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
151 FULWOOD, Sarah  Abt 1849Derbyshire I112141
152 GASKIN, Mary  Abt 1823Derbyshire I122878
153 GREASLEY, Emma  Abt 1820Derbyshire I40682
154 GREASLEY, James Stevens  Abt 1831Derbyshire I40680
155 GREASLEY, William  Abt 1823Derbyshire I40681
156 GRUNDY, Eliza  Abt 1819Derbyshire I90779
157 GRUNDY, Matilda  Abt 1826Derbyshire I104485
158 GRUNDY, Robert  Abt 1801Derbyshire I104483
159 HALLAM, Ann  Abt 1805Derbyshire I96329
160 HAND, Ellen  Abt 1835Derbyshire I78168
161 HAND, Hannah  Abt 1833Derbyshire I78167
162 HAND, Thomas  Abt 1829Derbyshire I78166
163 HARRISON, Catharine  Abt 1840Derbyshire I122978
164 HARRISON, John  Abt 1811Derbyshire I122975
165 HARRISON, Mary  Abt 1835Derbyshire I122977
166 HAWLEY, John  Abt 1796Derbyshire I29017
167 HAWLEY, Maria  Abt 1864Derbyshire I86569
168 HAWLEY, Mary Ann  Abt 1870Derbyshire I86570
169 HAYES, Alice S.  Abt 1862Derbyshire I37916
170 HAYES, Elizabeth  Abt 1857Derbyshire I37917
171 HAYES, Matthew  Abt 1825Derbyshire I37921
172 HAYES, Matthew  Abt 1852Derbyshire I37919
173 HAYES, William  Abt 1855Derbyshire I37918
174 HAYS, Mary  Abt 1811Derbyshire I91192
175 HEMSLEY, Isaac  Abt 1806Derbyshire I33355
176 HEMSLEY, William  Abt 1839Derbyshire I33352
177 HENFREY, Eliza  Abt 1863Derbyshire I118146
178 HENFREY, Isabella  Abt 1869Derbyshire I118148
179 HENFREY, William  Abt 1867Derbyshire I118147
180 HEWERDINE, Mary J.  Abt 1874Derbyshire I68195
181 HIBBERT, Catherine Mary  Abt 1798Derbyshire I4534
182 HIBBERT, Frederick  Abt 1863Derbyshire I110360
183 HIGGOTT, Thomas  Abt 1816Derbyshire I38242
184 HIGGOTT, William  Abt 1821Derbyshire I38241
185 HIPWELL, Benjamin  Abt 1881Derbyshire I41749
186 HIPWELL, Sarah J.  Abt 1881Derbyshire I41748
187 HOARE, Henry  Abt 1879Derbyshire I94272
188 HODGKINSON, Eliza  Abt 1812Derbyshire I95150
189 HOLLINGWORTH, Elijah  Abt 1806Derbyshire I122948
190 HOLMES, Elizabeth  Abt 1817Derbyshire I122976
191 HOOLEY, Isaac  Abt 1826Derbyshire I66040
192 HOOLEY, John  Abt 1832Derbyshire I66042
193 HOOLEY, Joseph  Abt 1799Derbyshire I66113
194 HOOLEY, Joseph  Abt 1806Derbyshire I66116
195 HOOLEY, Maria  Abt 1870Derbyshire I66075
196 HOOLEY, Martha  Abt 1830Derbyshire I66041
197 HOOLEY, William  Abt 1834Derbyshire I66043
198 HOPKINSON, William Gregory  Abt 1842Derbyshire I48649
199 HULSE, Catherine  Abt 1771Derbyshire I27448
200 HUMFREY, Capt John Cave RN  Abt 1869Derbyshire I70137

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